How to choose a Personal Trainer

I recently read a interesting article on 11 ways to tell if your trainer is a waste of time and money see link –

Although the article didn’t go into too much depth and was somewhat broad it did, however, prompt me to think what makes a good trainer? Any trainer that does the opposite to what’s on the list is a winner!

When considering a personal trainer it is important to recognise that “personal training” is exactly that; “personal”, what someone may favour in regards to training style might be loathed by someone else.

Another example of this would be when a personal trainer friend of mine spent over £300 on flyers advertising his services. Do you know how much PT business he generated from this? Zilch, Nada.

Lets face it flyers don’t exactly scream the personal touch.

So when picking a trainer I urge you to of course consider what makes a good trainer but “personally” what do you want from sessions, trainer and this fitness journey you’re embarking on.

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