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Get in touch – drop us a line or email

Email is the best way to find out how Rowan can help achieve your fitness goals, remember  a contact number if you want a call back. To request a booking fill in the form below with your requirements. We’ll confirm the date and time is available or offer you alternatives.

Telephone   07940 354 732

“Having trained with Rowan for nearly 2 years, I can honestly say he is the best PT I’ve ever had. His dedication and enthusiasm permeates through everything he does for you – his bespoke training programmes have been tailor made to achieve my specific goals, he is always on hand to help with both my training and eating…
For me, and I think most importantly, Rowan has made working out fun and enjoyable. It is now the part of the day I look forward to the most.”

Imogen Krell

“I’ve been working out with Rowan for over 6 months now. His 3-D attention to lifestyle, nutrition, goal-setting and targeted programs is spectacular. He is funny, understanding and constantly drives me to extend my endurance limit every session. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Farid Sheikh

“Rowan provides a motive to train. He has an understanding of the ‘holistic’ me, so he responds flexibly when planning our sessions. And I am pushed to, and beyond my limit.”

Iren Polos

“Laughing is good for the soul, and training they say, is good for the body (Not sure my aching muscles agree). A session with Rowan lifts mind, body and soul and the results are great.”

Lucie Polya