Consistency is key

Consistency is key.

In the personal training profession, one thing I will say it’s definitely seasonal. After Christmas people rush to the gym and seek the expertise of a PT to get over the multitude of “sins” consumed during the festive period and in summer to achieve that frightful expression “summer body”. If I would say anything regarding goals and training, it’s that consistency is key. Health and fitness isn’t built in a day; it’s a lifestyle that needs to implemented daily, it’s consistently training throughout the year and not just after Christmas or two weeks before you go on holiday.

5 small points to help you stay on track throughout the year.

  1. Put fitness goals into short, medium and long term – that way progression becomes a more visceral and tangible experience.
  1. Diet is a huge part of health and fitness, stay disciplined. Sign up to apps that allow you to keep track of what you’re eating in relation to how much your training. Stay away from fad diets. Kcals in kcals out to put it simply.
  1. Get yourself a gym buddy with the same goals, not a buddy you go with so you can natter the sessions away with. A buddy that’s going to push and encourage you, equally group classes are a suitable alternative.
  1. If you have the financial means for a personal trainer, follow and exchange all social platforms, that way there is a level of accountability. That bender you had the on the weekend isn’t so secret now!
  1. Trust the process! Hard work and consistency pays off.
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